Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Closing in-world locations

I have made the decision to shut my in-world locations. My life is just too hectic at the moment and I am not able to keep up with what needs to be done to be a good merchant.

I will finish loading things online and creating occasionally.

Thank you for all your support and kindness.


Tuesday, March 11, 2014

New location for Always Eclectic

Time to move again - yep - that's right! New location once again! The links at the right have the new location if you forget, and.....

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day is coming and romance is in the store!

Lots of new releases for V-day, but first.....
Use this holiday to tell your loved ones how much you care. Too often we wait for someone to become ill, have surgery our even die before we speak our hearts. Don't wait - tell them now.
On to the fun stuff! For this month's MelNaka hunt, Romantic Nights, I created  a set called Romance. There is a companion set in other colors.

Also, romance has come to Cherish Charms. Your sweetie will love getting these as a gift - something unique - something different - something only you would give.

The first of the 2014 Charms are now out! Your collection of charms won't be complete with these!
This first charm is a salute to the Chinese Year of the Horse - I know - not the right colors - but it is the prettiest horse charm I could come up with.

This one is a salute to the SL fashion industry. As a model, I know that shoes can make or break an outfit. So here is to shoes!

There are several other new charms in the Forever collection - but I'll save them for another post!
Stay warm!
-- Riendra